It all starts with the brief...


Supplied by the client – this is something we can talk through and progress, to give us a bold understanding of the requirements and goals for the project.


We can kick things off with a meeting or conference call, following the brief to confirm and cover all aspects of the brief content, this relies on various parts of information supplied, dependent on job. This ensures we are all on the same page at the start of a project and helps to deliver optimum creative.

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Hit the books...


A research session takes place to establish the current market within the specified area, although we have the knowledge and capabilities, we pride ourselves in delivering an optimum solution based on existing trends within the market.

This allows us to take yourselves to be the leaders within the market.



Ideas into reality...


To ensure our design concepts are to scale, and workable solutions we take your products and our talented 3D designers re-create them in a 3D format using the latest design visualisation software. This enables us to show you a true representation of the design before we get to the prototype stage.


We can save time on this by using existing CAD data you may have available.


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The Creative sparks...


Our team of creatives get together with their sketch pads to get their ideas down on paper. We define several different routes to tackle the brief and work these into beautiful 3D concepts. Our designers have great knowledge and understanding of materials, the latest manufacturing processes and techniques. This ensures that our concepts that we deliver can always be turned into reality.


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Over to you...


We submit our designs over to you explaining the rationale behind each design route and why they will be successful for you. We often present our ideas on a budget scale, typically gold, silver and bronze, this allows you to understand the rationale behind each design an how we can maximise the use of your budget.


Once a design is chosen and developed into a final approved visual, our experienced design development team will engineer a solution for prototype through to manufacture, using a wide range of skilled manufacturing techniques.

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Full steam ahead...


From the designs sent over, the client chooses a concept for us to develop further. We work together to meet all the goals outlined from the project brief. Drawings and artwork are signed off for final approval and the green light to go to manufacture.


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The nuts and bolts...


Our approach to manufacture is built around a combination of state-of-the-art technology, and skilled tradesmen. We also provide experienced design development and a value engineering team with the ability to turn our inspired creative design concepts into a fantastic workable reality.


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Wheels in motion..


At this stage your display is nearing the end of its journey, but we maintain our responsibility until your product has been safely signed for at its final destinations, whether a local or international. We use reliable, cost-effective service providers to guarantee your product is delivered safely on time. A full list of proof of delivery (POD’S) will be submitted to you post delivery, where ever in the world that may be!


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Hard work pays off...


From flagship stores to installations for European roll-outs, to merchandised temporary FSDU’s, Octopos can manage all retail installations to support your needs.



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Looking back...


Once the brief is complete we can review and report on how successful the project has been and measure the performance of the retail display units.

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